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SSL Yes Verify

Turning off SSL verification is the wrong answer.


When working in corporate environments, you may encounter SSL Proxies from your friendly neighborhood security departments that insist on scanning your SSL / TLS traffic. Normally this will be transparent to you, but if you're developing software, you'll start to bump against the infamous "SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain" message.

When working with modern runtime platforms like .NET, Java, Node, Ruby, Python, and so on, you'll run into wrinkles in the way each platform handles TLS communication across different operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac). It is enough to drive you mad and make you give up and just turn off SSL verification. DON'T DO THIS! You can fight it!

This site is meant to gather and document as many of the examples of how to properly deal with self-signed certificates and corporate SSL proxies. Sometimes this means creating custom container images, or just setting different environment variables.

Pull requests and contributed content are super welcome! The more we can get consolidated here, the easier it will be for everyone rather than trying to find the result across many other websites, blogs, documentation, and whatever.